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I used to use an email every week (or thereabouts) to keep in contact with just about every one I knew.
They were intended to be slightly humorous anecdotes / tales that link my past with my present. So this is the collection of the 'Monday Missives' which have enchanted millions and annoyed countless more...

Another Pulp Image, Babe

You're Gonna Watch Me
High On Pooty-Weed or Something Else
Why a Duck?
Humming Along
The Writer of The Kool-Aid Wino
Expletive Deleted
White Goods
Yer Dreamin'
Ride The Wild Choo Choo
The Onion IS The Gravy
Big, White Birdies
Kissy Kissy
Mauve Heat
My 'Friend', The Sea
Important Water Closet
You Say Caffe, I Say Coffee
Rugby Science
The Art of Losing Gracefully
Red Brick Tattoo
Meeting Mary Franks
Let's Go to the East Side Where People Are Many
Le Tour
The Yellow Shirted Man With The Reddened Foot
I'm Back, I'm Back, As a Matter of Fact
Wet Wet Wet
3 Things Whilst Walking
The Christmas Carol
Now, Where the Hell Did I Put That Thing?
The Only Power Tool I Know Like the Back of My Hand
A Foggy Day In London Town
Chicken Soup
Chrome Is Good
A Frank Discussion
Down't Mine
Back Yards Through Time
Fa Fa Fa Fa Fashion
Pre Teen Memories
Stoned Cold Picnic
Innovations 97
I Need a Holiday
That Damned Garden
The Walking Wounded
A Weekend Mission
Phwoarrrr - Hot Enough For Ya!!
Bloody Budgets
Neighbours, Everybody Needs Good...
A New Year Confession
A Waste of Time
The Glorious Illawarra Escarpment
I Can Hear Music
Escape to the Escarpment
Rear Window
The Long Walk
The Crying of The Babies
Smelly Fish
Brrrr! Cold
The Hard Green Rain (a short strory)

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