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[I haven't sent one of these for a while. For those of you who've forgotten or for those I've added in error, these Monday Missives are simply my way of keeping in contact (since I work 3 days/week in Thirroul). Replies are more than welcome. If you don't wanna be on this list then just tell me to wrack off]. And so.... 

I've always had an abiding interest in medical equipment. 

This probably all started with my first (remembered) doctor's appointment where the old codger crept up on me, whipped out the stethoscope from behind his back and pushed it's soothing coolness against my chest : I should have been frightened by the perverse bugger's actions but, in fact, the reverse occurred. From this moment on I just loved being examined, probed or healed by anything non-human and, preferably, chromed. And this has continued throughout my life. I always thought that I should have been a doctor or a dentist (although looking into someone's possibly smelly mouth for hours at a time is not my idea of fun). 

The extremes of this 'love' may be best shown by the following examples : 

(1) when the dentist said to me "I'm afraid that we'll have to give you root canal treatment" and showed me the little files (which are stuck up into the nerve and moved rapidly in and out to scrape away the already dead thing inside), I didn't say "Oooooh Nooooo" but said instead (and I'm NOT lying here) "Ooooh that sounds interesting" 

(2) when the doctor told me recently that I'd have to have a CAT scan I, once again, didn't say "Ooooo Nooooo - am I dieing?" but said instead "My goodness, I've never had one of them. Are they as interesting as they look?" 

[ Chrome Is Good - The Rebuttal]

3 weeks ago I sent around a little Monday Missive entitled "Chrome is Good" in which I espoused my love of all things medical including Root Canal Therapy (RCT). 

You may remember it or you may have chosen to blot it out of your minds... whatever. 

Now, I've had to undertake some good old RCT again this week ("yes, I know mum, I'll brush my teeth every waking moment from now on") and, I'm sorry to say, that my love for this particular piece of dental mystery has waned considerably. I still found it quite fascinating - what with the dentist (a rather surly one, by the way, who had his top 3 shirt buttons undone exposing a veritable raft of white curly chest hair) filing away inside my rotten roots. But, on the other hand, it really WAS rather painfull afterwards with the actual work inflaming my rampant infection. Over all I'd have to say that it was some of the most painfull pain I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. 

Just thought I should keep the records straight...
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