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[ Chicken Soup ]
I made the best chicken soup ever on the weekend - without a single doubt, it was unbeatable; a world beater; numero uno; etc, etc, etc. I think the secret was in the lengthy time for stock creation and sweating of the onions, carrots and celery (in case you wanted to know). It's sorta getting onto that soup weather time of year and this always reminds me of my first  'job' : 

My friend Lindsay and I would rush up to the local 2nd hand car dealership and wash about 50 cars for $5 each. Yes, we were ripped off quite terribly but it was the first time that either of us had any money to spare (boo hoo and, don't forget, that I lived in a shoe box in the middle of a highway as well). This car washing only took place in the winter months and so by the time that we'd finished and we got back to my place to count the booty our hands were almost see through, crystallized with ice and wrinkled to hell and back again. 

My Mum would lift the lid on the simmering stock pot as soon as we got home and that glorious smell of very hot chicken soup would assail our nostrils, make our mouths water and warm us up immeasurably. 

It was great soup (but not as good a the one I made on the weekend, let me tell ya...)
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