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NO - not the sacharine sweet boy filled singing group that some teens used to go wild about. I'm talkin' about me!! 

So, it's the first Monday of our holidays and we decide to take the doggies out for a last walk before we head off to Lord Howe Island. As we take the usual route I say to Annette "It's starting to rain" and, sure enough, it starts to pour down, yeah verily it is thus wise!! 10 mins waiting undercover and not much joy - eventually I stayed under a tree with Wanda whilst Annette dragged Ninja around the oval. We arrived back home and, of course, it calmed down and eventually stopped. 

Now, this really is a pre-cursor to a Turnbull/Jones holiday : it almost ALWAYS rains when we take leave of work. I've checked with the Bureau of Meterology this morning and the forecast for Lord Howe just about all this week is "RAIN. GUSTY WINDS". Oh, great!! just what we need on a semi-tropical island for 7 days - an ex-cylone gumming up the works. 

Ah well, we have bought raincoats... 

See ya in a month, possibly dripping...
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