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4 weeks off!! What was a lad to do with this much time? Not too much, really. But then again : just enough. 

For those of you who either didn't read or receive a postcard from me then the first 4 days of my holiday can be summaried as follows : 

Day 1) took the dogs for a walk : it rained 
Day 2) it rained : stayed indoors 
Day 3) arrived at Lord Howe Island : it rained and the place felt like almost dead pensioners hell (and, NO, we didn't fit in, thanks very much) 
Day 4) it rained : but we HAD to get outside. So we did and got absolutely drenched in the left-over downpore from a cyclone 

Ofcourse, surprises never cease! After this inauspicious start to the break the heavens cleared; the seas sparkled; we met a lovely couple with whom we connected straight away; the food was GLORIOUS (it was the only saviour in the first 2 days) - my favourite meal was seared scallops on a bed of safron mash followed by char-grilled lamb fillets with field mushrooms, sweet potato chips and olive jus (yuuuumm); the locals were terrific with a smattering of real characters; the scenery was ALWAYS superb; and, finally, we relaxed and relaxed and relaxed... 

That's not to say that we weren't glad to come home : a week was probably enough to see just about everything this gorgeous place had to offer. The only walk that we didn't do was the day long, almost vertical trek to the top of 900 Metre high Mt Gower and that was never going to be on the agenda. And, let's face it, how many 3-4 course dinners can you eat in a row before you feel like nothing more than an eating machine (and, ergo, thank heavens for the 6 or so walks that we did manage). 

After that it was simply down time at home and around abouts more than anything else. We saw a film or two (so there, Ms Calandro), we bought a bread maker (my attempts have sometimes been fraught with disaster but, what the heck) and a mountain bike each (we rode bikes again on Lord Howe and fell in love with the concept again - our bums, however, have a little while to go before they catch up - ouch), I went to see a chiropractor (very good cracking fun - I just love 'em) and had another massage as well (surprise, surprise - my normally stiff as a board back muscles were almost as free flowing as the Murray). 

So, that's it. I'm really not glad to be back but I feel just about ready for anything (except for those damned Client Service requests).
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