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After a morning of moving slabs of sandstone (I must keep the alliteration down) we got ready a picnic lunch of Italian bread, cheese, salami, olives and pate and drove up Bulli Pass to the Sublime Point lookout. A big sign waited patiently for us - No Dogs : $100 Fine - which annoyed us greatly since there were two of them in the back seat whining to get out. So we drove back down to sea level and around the bend to Sandon Point. (There were too many people up at the lookout anyway - I'd forgotten that fantastic views draw a crowd - if you've never been there then you really are missing out on a spectacular vision.) Sandon Point is, reputedly, one of the best surfing spots in the Illawarra and is usually crammed with blonde haired, salt encrusted; people of one sort or another but the sea was calm and so we had it mostly to ourselves. And the views northwards are amazing!! Uninterupted to the Royal National Park, the tall escarpment puts partial shadow over most of the coast line. Bays and inlets, fishing boats and random surfers (sometimes the hang gliders from Bald Hill) ending with a hazy stretch of coast covered in low scrub near Garie beach. It really is one of the prettiest places for a lazy, slow, Spring picnic. Of course, the dogs loved it as well and were most welcome - at least, I think so.

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