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[ 3 Things Whilst Walking ]
A new year, a lovely morning, my oldish t-shirt and Annette still sound asleep : sounds like a wonderfull time for a bit of a walk. Three things happened : 

1) The Vicious Dog Attack 
It was a fightin' kinda dog and ran towards me with a serious glint in it's eye. I wasn't too concerned (it looked pretty happy) until the end when it was obvious that I was his main concern. So he mauled me to DEATH but I have valiantly survived long enough to sell my story to NW. 

2) A Spectacular Vista 
I was down by Thirroul beach looking northwards along the coast - magnificent, again, with the edges of the Royal National Park well in evidence - when I turned around to see an even more spectacular vista : the fullish moon hung suspended just above the escarpment at Bulli tops where fog was trailing languidly off the edge. GLORIOUS! 

3) The Smell Of Eucalypts 
On the way back home stands a stupendous, old, white, gum tree with long, thin leaves that, infrequently, exudes the most pungent, delectable eucalyptus oil. And so it was today - I could smell it 50 yards away and past it on to my house. This is a truely delightfull way to end a walk. By the way, there are younger versions of these very same trees in Fujitsu's parking lot and I am often assailed by their aromas when I go into the office (this really is one of the FEW good things about Nth Ryde, apart from the people, ofcourse). 

Happy New Year!
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