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["Can't Stop It - Australian Post-Punk 1978-82"]
Released on Chapter Music]

["Can't Stop It II - Australian Post-Punk 1979-84"]
Released on Chapter Music]

[Voigt/465 - "One Faint Deluded Smile"]
Definitely available at Missing Link]
You may also be able to get this through a US distributor IMusic]

[The Slugfuckers - "Cacophony 1979-1981"]
Released on Harbingersound]

["The Primitive Calculators"]
Released on Chapter Music]

["The Thought Criminals - Chrono-Logical"]
Released on Ascencion]

["Tactics - The Sound Of The Sound (Volumes 1 and 2)"]
Released on Reverberation]

[M SQUARED - Pardon Me For Barging In Like This]
Released on Vinyl On Demand]

[Australian Post-Punk Archives]
Compiled at home from vinyl and cassette]

also have a look at Mr Griffins' beautifully designed discographic site]

Voigt/465 - State / A Secret West

From 1978 to 1984, many people across the world were inflamed by the do it yourself attitudes of punk rock but who also wanted to create something that was different to the adrenalin three chord thrash so prevalent at the time.

Sydney, Australia's largest city, was not immune to this slightly indulgent rallying cry and somehow I managed to be involved in this little scene which was not only intense and claustrophobic but also immensely satisfying and creative.

These pages mainly outline the bands that I played some small part in during this time. They're mostly forgotten now, except by friends and a few dedicated fans but that's not to say they were anything less than interesting. At times they were very special indeed, at least to me.

I've also included some small info and commentary on the majority of the other experimental post-punk bands playing in Sydney during this time because there just doesn't seem to be any other pages about them anywhere - which is a real shame.

As always, all of these comments are my personal recollections and feelings. I'm sure that other people would have something different to say if given the chance...



Linz, Rae, Rod and Phil - Where's Mark?

Post-Punk Rock, Krautrock and Prog rock combine to form a sound unlike any other.

Rod Pobestek - Guitar and Etc.
Lindsay OMeara - Bass and Etc.
Phil Turnbull - Synth, Organ and Vocals
Rae Macron Cru - Vocals and Pipe
Bruce Stalder - Drums (to mid 1978)
Mark Boswell - Drums and Etc. (mid 1978 onwards)

Wild West

Melody, slightly twisted rhythms, noise punctuations and moments of real beauty.

Peter Nelson - Guitar
Gordon Renouf - Bass
Phil Turnbull - Synth, Organ, Casio and Vocals
Rae E Byrom - Synth and Vocals
Peter MacGregor - Drums (up to start of 1981)
Dave Weston - Drums (start - middle 1981)
Lindsay OMeara - Drums (end 1981) and Vocals

No Night Sweats

Tim V fixing the mics, Phil reeling and Pat lost in the mists of time

Ironic Lounge music before such a thing was ever thought popular.

Patrick Gibson - Keyboards and Vocals
Phil Turnbull - Keyboards and Vocals
(Plus a backing tape of the songs)

Other Post-Punk Bands

Rod and Phil @ SideFX - a favourite haunt

Scapa Flow/JMM
The Thought Criminals
Seems Twice
Pel Mel
The Limp
The Tame OMearas
The Systematics
Scattered Order
Makers of the Dead Travel Fast
The N-Lets
The Slugfuckers
Sekret Sekret
Via Veneto
Hope Is A New Coat
The Goat That Went Om
Moral Fibro
Mr Knott
Maestros and Dipsos
You Peghead You
Ya Ya Choral

Brrrr Cold

Other Voices
Zee Tunes
Chopped Up
Like Unruly Children
The Laughing Clowns
Fish Shop, Baby Rhythmx Chymx Severed Heads
Swami Binton Kill The King Upside Down House
Pictures of These Bands and More!

More pictures than you can poke a stick at...

The Bands in Print

How we've been written about 20 years on...

The memories are failing... I try to compile them...

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