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A lot of these links are mentioned elsewhere in this site but I finally decided to put them all together for all your post-punk needs

Interview with Mitch Jones on Mess and Noise

VIDEOS from the CAD Factory gig with Scattered Order and MotDTF

from the CAD Factory gig with Scattered Order and MotDTF

Roger Griffin has compiled a comprehensive Discography of Australian Post-Punk

Murray continues to find new stuff at Inner City Sound

Chapter Music re-release some of this old stuff (and may continue to do so, hopefully)

Michael Tee maintains a very personal site on M-Squared and beyond

Scattered Order's site overhauled magnificently

as is the new M-Squared web site
(June 2009)

The all new Sekret Sekret website

The Primitive Calculators history and present is well preserved

John Laidler was guitarist in The Slugfuckers. See how he is at Okapi Guitars

The Kazakstan Kowgirls contains the gorgeous Suzy from The Goat That Went Om

The Severed Heads website is a mamouth construction

The Loop Orchestra started around the same period but, in many ways, were far ahead of their time
and John Blades plays this stuff and, predominantly, other interesting music on Background Noise

Brisbane's punk story is told at the Brisbands website

Philip Brophy was one main mind behind Tsk Tsk Tsk

"Jimmy Little" was a close compatriot of Tactics. His always interesting Blog contains a section on (Post) Punk

Punk-Pop band The Particles have a small web presence but we're glad it's there

Dave Graney's site holds lots of nitty gritty info but the Moodist's page(s) are of great interest

Howlspace continues to document those missing links of Australian music

The Oz Music Project deals mainly in newer bands but keeps in touch with the old world 

Sekret Sekret main-man David Virgin has a website!

WMInc re-release some great stuff (including David Chesworth and The Moodists)

The Thought Criminals have a web site!

A page of music that Grea was involved in including "So Be It" - a Sydney band I never knew about

Roger Grierson interviewed at the I-98 Bar about the Thought Criminals reunion show

Dave Studdert has a web page but don't be surprised if you can't open it

Pel Mel on YouTube with the No Word From China clip (new link)

Tactics on YouTube with the Secound Language clip

The Tactics MySpace page (curated by JL)

Shane Fahey's Endgame label and studio

Mr O'Shea's Aus music blog with links and downloads

Not sure how long this will stay up but Chicks on Speed have a downloadable Radio show that includes Voigt/465!

Jay's love of M&D at Detailed Twang

Bruce's podcasts at Impaneema
(including 2 on Pat G and M2)

Mark Gerber now runs the Oxford Art Factory

whilst Michiel Gerber is an architect

Tone Generator talks SPK on Youtube

Peter Doyle hosts Sonography on EdgeRadio Hobart

David Virgin's memoirs at i94Bar

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