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Sydney Post-Punk MP3 Collection

[ Moved from sevcom 2010 - will add more next year ]
[ Added a streaming mp3 player - will amend the tracks soon ]

Unknown venue - maybe The Grand Hotel - late 70s

[ This is a collection of Post-Punk music created in Sydney during the years 1978-1987 ]

[ It is an adjunct to the No Night Sweats web site which contains detailed information ]
[ about these bands and the ridiculously heady times we lived in (or so we thought) ]

[ All MP3 files have been ripped at 128 bps ]

If you'd like to get CDs of any of the stuff I have at the web site ]
[ or you're in any way interested then ]
[ please email me (remove n.o.s.p.a.m. in address) ]

Makers of The Dead Travel Fast (2nd album) Three Heads
Brrr Cold (unreleased) Turtle Maestros
Famous (unreleased) Pockets
Height-Dismay(unreleased) The Tinning Test
Maestros and Dipsos (unreleased) Heart And Tongue
No Night Sweats (Italian comp) The Gundagai Coolabah
No-V-Bleet (cassette) Cassette Release Track 2
Pel Mel (unreleased) Big Foot
Prod (ep) N.W.O.B.
Scapa Flow (single) Endless Sleep
Scattered Order (1st album) Slot-Car Synth
SoliPsiK (single) Chamber Music
The Systematics (Rural EP) When I'm Older
The Tame O'Mearas (unreleased) Mosquito
Voigt/465 (album) Winchsoul
Wild West (EP) Calling The House
Ya Ya Choral (12" EP) Gee Lately

[more to come later]

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