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[ Brrrr! Cold ]

It's mighty chilly in the old home office this morning - the old oil heater is working overtime to take the temperature up a degree or two - and my fingers are still a little bit stiff.

"Brrr! Cold" was the name of a rather bad band that I was in for a couple of months - very amatuerish, even for my standards. Other band names that I was involved in are as follows (for no particular reason other than I'm thinking laterally) :

"Voigt/465 Radiators" (stripped down to Voigt/465 when we released records)
"God, the Movie" or "Grab A Guitar" (but "Wild West" when an E.P. was released and we were famous in Surry Hills)
"Tactics" (from Canberra - I played very bad organ on an early single)
"No Night Sweats" (just me and another chappy doing weird cabaret)

There were others but that'll do.

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