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Yesterday was so fantastic!! The back yard has started to look wonderfull again with roses blooming, the liquid ambers full of leaves and shade, the newly built 50's style sandstone garden walls holding back rich earth and mulch and the grass had finally turned into lawn. Down to Thirroul beach for a quick walk with the dogs and it was packed to the rafters with 'over-the-hill' people (ie those persons who don't live in the Illawarra but who travel over the escarpment and down Bulli pass for a day of frollicking by the sea). I usually have little time for these interlopers (in this case I couldn't let the doggies off the leash in case they'd interupt a hearty bar-b-q or late picnic lunch) but the weather was so good and the sense of fun so prevalent that I could only turn my eyes westward to the 'hill' in question and gaze lovingly as the sun poured light over the remaining 'rainforest' and made it loom larger than ever before. I'm constantly reminded (in times like this) how lucky I am to live here....

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