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It was with great pleasure that I watched the fabulous ABC series "Dancing in the Streets" on Friday night. This one dealt with my main music icons : David Bowie, Lou Reed and Iggy Pop (with only a cursory glance at Roxy Music, damn). I've said it before and I'll say it again - I'm a child of the seventies and these three stars were my obsessions in 1974-1979. I'd found some friends at high school with exactly the same interests and we were going to take over the world by replicating Bowie and Brian Eno in an Australian setting - ha, ha, ha. The bass player is now travelling and barely scratching a living in Sth America, the heavy, moody guitarist is a dresser for the Australian Opera who's bored to death when they're not in season, the man most likely to become a rock writer's beacon supervises the Opera house box office (part time) and keeps himself as fit as he can to hold HIV at bay, the manic drummer lost his wife and first real love to a murderer and has now given his life to alcohol and the singer with the voice and enourmous stage presence is now a true Englisher. I write programs for BrandScan, live with someone I love, potter about in the garden and have friends around for meals that I know I shouldn't eat. But most of us can still remember the first time we heard "Suffragette City", "Waiting For the Man" and "Raw Power". I might just play them now...

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