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I was reading a particularly interesting article about the famous Wherrett brothers in Saturday's Herald colour supplement when one of the things that one of them said made me sit up and take notice!! And NO - it wasn't the fact that Peter is a cross dresser, although this was something of a revelation. Instead I was taken aback by Richard who said something like "I have no real memories prior to the age of 10". His 'analyst' thinks it may be caused by one or more really bad things that happened to him at that stage and he's simply repressed them. Now this got me thinking, I can tell you. Because, ya see, I didn't have that many memories prior to the age of 10 either!! I sat around on Saturday afternoon and put that old thinking cap on and could only think of two or three things that happened to me at that stage of my development. Later that night, as I lay partially awake and ready for sleep, I kept thinking about it instead of drifting off to slumberland. And then, of course, I finally had some kind of panic attack by thinking "maybe something really bad happened to me in my extreme youth that I'm repressing as well" - ARRRRGH. Thankfully, just after this ridiculous brain storm, I remembered a couple of other things and then some more and so on... None of them are particularly interesting and so I wont bore you with the details (I can hear a collective sigh of gratitude, even from here). In the end, it was quite a usefull thing to get worried about as it gave some of those weird, less-used corners of my brain a bit of a work out and the memories were quite pleasant in the main (except for the day I managed to give the next door neighbour a massive lump on the head - sorry, I couldn't resist). Try it sometimes and see for yourself...
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