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Re-mastered at home from a good quality cassettes.

Disk 1

1982-03-05 Trade Union Club

01 Pythagorus
02 Cowboys Are
03 Tree Lined Street
04 Called Your Name
05 Waiting Time
06 No Control
07 My Friend The Chocolate Cake
08 Nonsense
09 Jolly Work
10 You Ruined My Fun

1982-04-10 Illinois Hotel
11 God's Buzzsaw
12 Complain Your Way To Success
13 My Friend The Chocolate Cake
14 Waiting Time
15 Pythagorous
16 Nonsense
17 You Ruined My Fun
18 Tree Lined Street
19 International Voltage

Disk 2

1982-04-23 Trade Union Club

01 My Friend The Chocolate Cake
02 Complain Your Way To Success
03 It Happened On Friday
04 Pythagorus
05 Tree Lined Street
06 You Ruined My Fun
07 God's Buzzsaw

1982-05-09 Wollongong Uni
08 Bombadiere
09 Waiting Time
10 God's Buzzsaw
11 My Friend The Chocolate Cake
12 You Ruined My Fun
13 No Control
14 It Happened On Friday
15 Cowboys Are
16 Pythagorus
17 Complain Your Way To Success
18 Tree Lined Street
19 Nonsense

All of the Ya Ya Choral gigs that Tim recorded and all with the choir. The first TUC gig is notable for the ad-hoc extra members 'persuaded' to come up and play. The Illinois Hotel recording is excellent (good acoustics, not many in the crowd, almost like a living room demo) and the volume level for the choir is just enough in the background to be the perfect mix. And Patrick mentions Five Dock quite a lot. The secound Trade Union Club gig was accompanied by a humoungous buzz (eventully found to be coming from the drum machine, if I remember correctly). And the 'Gong Uni gig is pretty good as well. Not sure what the actual title of Disk 1 Track 04 is. The highlight - most probably the Illinois versions of Waiting Time and International Voltage (go the drum machine solo).

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