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01 Termination 03:09
02 OK, 767 06:57
03 Out Of The Dark 03:13
04 Commercial Break 03:07
05 My Mind It Aint So Open 02:19
06 Stolen Hair 03:34
07 All The Super Heroes 03:10
08 From The Nursery 02:34
09 Fuck The Neighbours 02:13
10 Anti-Clockwise 04:22
11 Display Response Reaction 03:36
12 The Orphan 04:23
13 Hate Is Love 02:43
14 Winston Smith (fade out) 00:42

This is from another Tactics / Thought Crims double night. The Tactics side of the cassette was completely unsalvageable - highly distorted sound throughout - but the Thoughties side was pretty good, if a little muffled.

Lots of the songs we all knew and loved, played well in front of a largely appreciating crowd. Not much else to be said, really.

Re-Issues Main Menu

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