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VOLUME 2 1977-1989

Feel Presents

The 2nd instalment of Tim Pittman's trawl through the back pages of Australian rock. 

The Birdman and Saints tracks start off the comp in rousing fashion (yes, I used to go "yeah hup" with the best of them until I caught sight of myself in a mirror one day and saw how ridiculous I looked). The selection gets a bit fractured after that with rock, punk and indie amidst art-rock, electronics and singer/songwriters. Although this diversity really does sum up the times rather well, it also makes for a difficult continuous listen. At least it's perfect for mp3 playlists. The song selection seems a bit less interesting as well, overall. I got a pleasant surprise with how much I enjoyed the Machinations track on Vol 1 but "Arabia" reminds me of all the things I hated about them. Sekret Sekret's mid-80's "Chimes" sounds tired and desultory compared with their 1st 2 singles. And I truely wish "Dead Eyes Opened" wasn't on another comp, no matter how good it is - they have a multitude of great songs to chose from. But combine this and the other comps and you pretty much have it all.

Bands highlighted at this site are in bold below.

Disc One:
1. Radio Birdman - New Race (original version) 2. The Saints - Know Your Product 3. Teenage Radio Stars - Wanna Be Your Baby 4. Thought Criminals - More Suicides Please 5. Boys Next Door - Dive Postion 6. The Hitmen - I Am The Man 7. SpK - Mekano 8. Little Murders - Things Will Be Different 9. The Riptides - Tomorrows Tears 10. Seems Twice - Non-Plussed 11. The Singles - Love Of Loves 12. Shy Impostors - At the Barrier 13. Tactics - Second Language 14. Surfside Six - Can't You See the Sign 15. The Birthday Party - Blast Off 16. Machinations - Arabia 17. Dropbears - Fun Lovin' 18. The Particles - I Luv Trumpet 19. Minuteman - Voodoo Slaves 20. Sacred Cowboys - Nothing Grows in Texas 21. Sardine v - Stuck On You 22. Severed Heads - Dead Eyes Opened (album version) 23. Laughing Clowns - Everything That Flies 24. Hoodoo Gurus - Lets All Turn On 25. Scientists - Solid Gold Hell 

Disc Two:
1. Sekret Sekret - Chimes 2. The Triffids - Raining Pleasure 3. Screaming Tribesman - A Stand Alone 4. Salamander Jim - Hot Cakes For Daddy 5. Lime Spiders - Out Of Control 6. David Virgin - Give it Up 7. Inner Sleeves - End it All 8. Tall Tales & True - Wasted Life 9. Toys Went Beserk - Guns At My Head 10. Ollie Olsen - Win/Lose 11. Primitive Calculators - Pumping Ugly Muscle 12. feedtime - Don't Tell Me (7" version) 13. Happy Hate Me Nots - Salt, Sour & Brighton 14. The Stems - For Always 15. Hummingbirds - Alimony (original version) 16. Widdershins - Now You Know 17. Died Pretty - Everybody Moves 18. Proton Energy Pills - Less Than I Spend 19. Lightning Scary - Kim Salmon 20. Ed Kuepper - Everything I've Got. 

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