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Illinois Hotel 01/05/1982
01-11 all titles unknown

Wollongong University 04/05/1982
12-24 all titles unknown

I only ever went to see Kill The King once or twice. Their combination of jazz and punk elements left me cold at the time and that's still fairly true, even today. But, once again, these excellent recordings by Tim V. (in lamentably uncrowded rooms so that the space and depth of the live sound shines through) have made me re-assess the band's worth to some extent. 

There are obviously elements of the Laughing Clown's take on jazz throughout, especially in the vocal lines which have a distinct Ed Keupper flow, even if they're more twisted and faux-crooner. There are also the influences of overseas bands like Rip, Rig and Panic and, more importantly, James Blood Ulmer's distinct, raw assaults. But the punk d-i-y ethic really adds another element to Kill The King's sound, no matter how 3rd or 4th generation that may be.

I still have problems with the trumpet which tries desperately for a free jazz, Ornette Coleman style but falls short almost every time through lack of ability or length of time playing the instrument. And there are other elements of the sloppy playing that makes for, sometimes, uncomfortable listening. 

But the overall effect of listening to these gigs is that this was a band who were willing to experiment within the field and who could overcome their liabilities to, sometimes, click and make fantastic music.

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