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The Systematics - Rural 12" EP
(remastered from poor quality vinyl)
01 numbers in general
02 245t
03 when iím older
04 flowers on the wall
05 vanessa teratology
06 dinnerís on the table
07 stuh echipdah
08 mmmm

The Systematics - My Life in the Field of Cows EP
(remastered from reasonable quality vinyl)
09 international voltage
10 bovine
11 fat cows go down an eastern beach
12 bbd

Patrick Gibson - mainly unreleased recordings
(remastered from good quality cassette)
13 bubbling
14 it happened on friday
15 money for technology
16 piano and drone
17 surely we deserved it
18 tinkly

Ya Ya Choral - Such A Dutchman EP
(remastered from poor quality vinyl)
19 waiting time
20 godís buzzsaw
21 nonsense

Ya Ya Choral - some live recordings
(re-remastered from cd-r supplied by Michael Tee)
22 cowboys are (rough mix)
23 learn something new (rough mix)
24 my friend the chocolate cake (live 82)
25 treelined street (live 82)
26 bombadaire (live 83)
27 cookie jar (live 83)

As you can see this is the Pat Gibson archive. I know there's more from each 'band' available out there but this'll do me nicely. 

The Systematics tracks are essential early electro-pop highlighted by great tracks like '245T' and 'Bovine' - they really were a fantastic band. 

I think some of Pat's solo material was released as an M-Squared cassette but I'm not certain. I've made up the names of these for the most part as there wasn't a track list on the cassette I used. 'It Happened On Friday' and 'Surely We Deserved It' are fantastic, droning, melancholy pieces. 

The YYC EP isn't half as good as they were live, as you can see if you compare it  with the later tracks here although 'Waiting Time' is excellent (and has the choir's awful contribution omitted entirely - thank heavens). The last 2 tracks are from the time they supported Souxsie and the Banshees - Pat's comments are priceless, as they always were.

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