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01-06 No-V-Bleet cassette release
07-11 No-V-Bleet unreleased recordings
12 Xero (Willsteed, Luckus, Milner) - “Tony Milner Song”
13-24 No-V-Bleet live at Players 29/05/82

All these were sent to me by the very kind Donat and I've fiddled with a bit of noise reduction and so on to make them a little more listenable.

I never knew that No-V-Bleet released anything at all and so these are a wonderfull acquisition after all this time. I imagine that all of the studio recordings were done at the same sessions but that only the first 6 were deemed acceptable for the cassette (someone please tell me if this is just a ridiculous supposition).

These recordings are precise and, unfortunately, slightly tentative. I wish the 2nd guitar was more prominent, even if this emulates their live mix to a large extent. Some slight studio enhancements are evident occassionally but mostly it's a fairly straight transcription. The guitar / bass interplay is more obvious in this environment and all the better for it.

The Xero track was another of their many collaborations, this time with an obvious Swell Guys input. 'Sampled' voices flit in and out.

The live gig is recorded pretty well and is similar to the other cd. The original contains a lot of ambient talking and so on between tracks which I've edited out.

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