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Re-mastered at home from high quality cassette - the first of the 2 Tapes archives I've gotten my dirty little hands on.

01-07 Swell Guys 
Trade Union Club 02/09/1981
(bad PA night with Wild West and Via Veneto)

08-10 No-V-Bleet
Trade Union Club 05/03/1982
(supporting Le Hoohoo Gurus and Systematics)

11-22 No-V-Bleet
Illinois Hotel 10/04/1982
(on their own? great sound)

23-34 No-V-Bleet
Trade Union Club 26/05/1982
(supporting Ya Ya Choral)


01-09 - unknown

I don't know the track titles as yet but maybe that'll change soon. The recordings are all excellent, especially the night at the Illinois Hotel but the quality of the playing shines through even the most ridiculous circumstances - the first TUC night was plagued by PA breakdowns. Wonderfull stuff all round - I'm so pleased that I'm still able to rediscover something unexpected after all these years. See also the Tinkily Bonk Ball CDs for some more.

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