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The Slugfuckers - Transformational Salt LP - Rough Mix
(re-mastered from good quality cassette)


01 Wail
02 Mr Insanity
03 Tricked You
04 Poem
05 Obligato Necroplasm
06 Schizo Disco
07 Tell Me Who You Are
08 Dolphins (ne) Fish
09 Movie
10 Corkscream
11 Artificial Slits
12 Germange

Rhythmx Chymx - No Vowels No Bowels 1/2 LP
(remastered from good quality vinyl)

13 Close The Door, People Are Working
14 Astronauts Against Want
15 Pogo Au Go Go
16 Bung In A Banana
17 The Orient Pricks, The Occident Sews
18 Jungle Jangle
19 Something More Accesible
20 Hey man, Iím A Police Officer
21 Bretonian Overcoat

Severed Heads - Ear Bitten 1/2 LP
(remastered from good quality vinyl)

22 All Rights Reserved
23 God In The Factory
24 Hawaii / Torso / 97 Cigarettes
25 Acid Fur
26 Dance
27 New York Is A Lonely Town

The 'rough mix' of "Transformational Salt" sounds pretty good, really. I think there's a bit more bass than on the final release but I've only got a 20 year old memory of it in any case. See further below for more SF...

The rest is from the split album that introduced Severed Heads to the world. At they've already got the Ear Bitten part of it available (don't buy the original vinyl from EBay for $500 - are you really that stupid?). The Rhythmx Chymx side only contains the tracks I've listed even though there are 2 more listed on the cover.

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