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Harbinger Sound - Harbinger027 - May/June 2004

CD 1: Vinyl

(7" single, Instant Classic, PRS2678, October 1979)

01 Deaf Disco
02 Deaf Dub

(7" EP, Three Feet Behind Glass/Live At Budokan, PRS2689, November 1979)
03 Cacophony
04 Mechanical Boy
05 Rhizome
06 Artificial Slits
07 Schizo Revolution

(LP, Transformational Salt, Terse/Dogfood 002/YPRX1894, 1981)
08 Wail
09 Mr Insanity
10 Tricked You!
11 Poem
12 Obbligato Necroplasm
13 Skizo Disco
14 Corkscream
15 Dolphins (are not) Fish
16 Tell Me Who You Are
17 Movie
18 Artificial Slits
19 Germange

CD 2: Live

(Show 1, recorded by Tim Vandenberg/2-Tapes at St Peter's Parish Hall, Darlinghurst, Sydney, 23 Oct 1980)

01 Mechanical Boy
02 Movie
03 Artificial Slits
04 Wail
05 Deaf Disco
06 Tell Me Who You Are

(Show 2, recorded by Tim Vandenberg/2-Tapes at The Cellblock, East Sydney, 6 Feb 1981, Final Performance)

07 Wail
08 Mechanical Boy
09 Movie
10 Dolphins (are not) Fish
11 Obbligato Necroplasm
12 Corkscream
13 Poem
14 Artificial Slits
15 Tricked You
16 Tell Me Who You Are

Finally here after what seems like an eternity but well worth the wait. The remastering job is really good - deep, distinct sound without muddiness and with a punch that seemed lacking in the original vinyl. The live material (which I've also had a slightly less effective try at digitising) really shows what the band was like - warts and all. A terrific historical document and well worth your pretty pennies. Contact Steve at Harbinger Sound (remove n.o.s.p.a.m. from the email).

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