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I used to fantasise about winning money : oodles of money. In fact, the proverbial 'bags' of money. There I would be, sitting quietly on a bus or walking slackly towards work when I'd be tranported back to my lounge room as the Lotto draw was being televised. As always, I'd win a cool million bucks (as time went on the amount went up, ofcourse) and, as always, this was a mamouth surprise because, yep, on the spur of the moment , I'd gone into the newsagent and bought my first ever Lotto ticket the day before. 

Winning the money was never as important as telling everyone about it. The surprising scenarios included : finding out about the win the next day and then calling up Annette at work whereby we both become enormously frantic or : lazily coming into work, waiting for the moment of most impact and dropping the win into polite conversation whereby everybody becomes massively frantic. However, I ALWAYS continued working even though I didn't need to - what a dork! 

Sometimes there were ridiculously lengthy visions of what to do with the cash - not the actuality of DOING anything with it, just the moments of DECISION. This mainly worked down to a debate in the kitchen where we decide to buy another house but : "what will we do with our current, beloved home?" and "whoa is me, I really do love this place" - you get the idea. 

This type of fantasy continued for many years until I realized that (a) if I never bought a Lotto ticket, I'd never win, (b) I'd never win anyway and (c) Lotto really does suck - that's why I never buy a ticket.
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