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There's just something so wonderfull about riding a pushbike. You get some (much needed) exercise and, at the same time, you get a fairly quickly changing view of the world which means that you don't become bored (especially on busy city streets where there is an almost constant possibility of death by car driver stupidity). 

This Saturday I picked up my new bike after it's first service (wow - just like a car) in the 'Gong itself and rode it back to my lovely northern suburb of Thirroul, about 15Kms away. Luckily there's a bike track which closely follows the coast and has some absolutely gorgeous vistas : nope, not gonna zone out on this sorta suburban trip, that's for sure. This ride also takes you through the full strata of the Illawarra's social levels : past lovely, architect designed modern homes; ostentatious, fake-federation, 6 bedroom psuedo-mansions; small, non-working farms; tidy, and the not so tidy, suburban blocks; rows of old miners cottages and desperate looking dept of housing areas.And all of these are right on the beaches!! But, heavens, the views across the coast line streaming north to the Royal National Park can take your breath away - which can be a bit difficult when you're merrily peddling away. 

This is all vastly different from the last time that I rode a bike every couple of days - from inner-western Stanmore and the heavily trafficked freeways above Darling Harbour, through the clogged streets of Sydney, across the magnificent harbour bridge (always wonderfull) and onto the old Miller Street, North Sydney offices of McNair Anderson. I have no idea why I decided to commute via peddle power and, as it caused my knees to become areas of vast pain instead of things that bend and help you walk, it was carried on for far too long [and, in case you're wondering, yes, they do still hurt but I've learnt the trick of wearing bandages around them whilst riding to lessen the pain considerably]. 

My most cherished memory of this part of my life was the first day that I rode home. I changed into my riding gear (helmet, gloves, lycra, et al) and went to pick up my bike when everyone in the BrandScan office (initiated by that little hellion Debbie Kerslake!!) made me parade around a bit in front of them all whilst they hooted and hollered and then gave me a big ya-hoo from the windows as I set off down the road. Funny bastards... At least I didn't fall over...
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