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I'm getting to be a bit of a sucker for those sweet, delightfull country and western inflections that many female singers exhibit these days! (At least, the ones I listen to do) 

Maybe it's just a sign of my age because, let's face it, C&W is something that youngsters generally spit on (and that's the least of the scorn which is heaped). Unless they grew up in Upper Gulargambone, ofcourse - but then this affection can be attributed solely to in-breeding. 

Now, I've got to qualify my liking (oh yes). Firstly, I can't stand it in a male voice. Whenever a man uses the sort of hiccups and hitches that I'm talking about then I immediately think that they're putting it on. Don't ask me why - I don't know why! It's possible that I was frightened by a cowboy impersonator in my callow youth although it's also just as likely that I drank the blood of my elders on a sacrificial altar. Secondly, I actively dislike it in female artistes who tread a particularly conservative musical path. Reba McIntyre is as good an example as any - even writing that name invoke an automatic wretching response. 

So, who the f*** is he talkin' about, then??? Some of you will know the names but most of you probably wouldn't - so I'm going to keep you in the dark. Ha, ha, ha, ha...
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