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[ A Frank Discussion ]
It's been a while since I sent a Monday Missive and I STILL haven't got anything to say!! Maybe my creative juices are drying up!! Maybe there's other things on my mind. Maybe I'm getting shyer as I get older (if that's at all possible). I did freeze up whilst chairing last week's Friday morning CS meeting with all of those DSS people in the room and couldn't face doing a stupid cd review because of it. What the hell am I going to do???? 

Anyway, that's not the real point of this "mm". This, on the other hand, is - do you know of anyone named "Frank"? It's a bit of an anachronistic name in this day and age as it harks back to a bygone era where "Mabel" was common as well. However, I recently met up with a guy who has barely past his teens but whose name was Frank! When I looked and sounded astonished at this bit of information, he got a bit huffy and/or embarassed (as I'm sure we all would if we had this sort of burden to bear). 

In fact, the only other Frank's that I know of are : 

(1) a guy from high school - this wasn't his real name (Jeff), it was his nick name [we didn't make up any interesting nick names at school - Wally as a nick name for a guy named Steve (or something) is another example - sheesh, where's the imagination guys?] 

(2) Blank Frank - a song by Brian Eno : "Blank Frank is the messenger of your doom and your destruction" - stupid, really 

And, I think that this is the way it should be. The less we mention Frank, the more likely it'll be that it will drift into the void and never be mentioned again...
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