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You all know what it's like - you start off a new year with grand visions of vast wealth (yea, even miniature fortunes) that will be created by a startlingly simple budget that you put together with your significant other. All it's going to take is so much here and so much there and limiting yourself with this particular item and not spending so much on another. You've itemised down to the minute every single expense that you could possibly make during a pay month. You've dedicated yourself to a certain (and, no doubt, a rather terrific) amount that'll go into a special account where, glory of glories, the cash will build up in exponential fashion until all those things that you desperately crave will be a mere fingertip away!!!!!!!!

You all know what it's like - (for example) : a funny clunky sound appears in the engine area of your car (so another bloody service is required); on the wettest day in months with 3 zillion different pieces of clothing, etc on the line you start up the ancient dryer and it smells of burnt rubber (so down to David Jones for a new one); your favourite little doggy doesn't greet you in the wee small hours of the morning as she's cringing in her bed because somehow she's managed to strain her right back leg muscle (so down to the vet for whatever vets do)......

You all know what it's like - It goes on like this for ages and then you say, stuff that bloody budget, I need cheering up and you buy something that you really can't afford (because the budget says you can't) and afterwards you feel a bit un-thrifty but overall you're supremely happy.........
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