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[ The Crying Of The Babies ]

Yesterday was a day of crying babies. Up early(ish) to drive out to Blacktown Uniting for 3/4 hour of unrelieved churchy boredom where Annette's first niece had the water treatment. Most of the actual participants were OK but there must have been about 3 zillion other kids of varying ages who wouldn't shut up. I just let it flow all over me, thought a lot about the Mr Bean episode where he falls asleep during a droning sermon and got outta there quick smart at the end. After this, back to Annette's brother's place for a few hours of eating, drinking and talking about babies (we only talked about babies - we ate and drank something else). I spent half an hour pushing the swing which held one of my cute-as-a-button sort of nephews and, my, isn't that bicep tight as a drum now! I cootchy-cootchy-cooed like the best of 'em and took rolls and rolls of baby films. Ah, I was glad to leave but also sort of not glad. On the way home I became glader and glader until the baby babble was finally outta my head.

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