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9 Blue

[Quite a forgettable early song - too frenetic and unmelodic, trying to be tough. In fact, this is as far as I got with trying to work out the lyrics after all this time.]

d d d, d d d,
d better days
d d d, d d d,
Are staring straight at me
Scenes change up - blue nine

Things forget

Bagworm Rhumba

[A quite ethereal semi-instrumental (with dud words added on). Lots of percussion at the end, if that's anything to go by.]

[Recorded at last M2 session]

Bagworm - we don't care about our worm


[Always sounded fairly awful live but the recorded version is some sort of dissolussioned mock opera. It's a bit histrionic in parts but that's not such a bad thing.]

[Recorded at last M2 session]

(lyrics : Rae Byrom)

No ticking, burning in
Eyes stay sharp alert, ah.
No breath walking down as
Every step treacherous step.
It's dark getting darker
Grey light, searing light

Won't stop, wake up
Burn up, wait up
Own up, wait up
One up, wake up
...want that bidden cup - stop.

Tick flash, tick flash, tick

It's dark getting darker
Light that fades onto light


[Another example of my trying too hard to write energetic, jerky music. However, it does have some nice loping moments that contain just a hint of This Heat and the linking section before the 'chorus' is terrific.]

[Recorded at EP session]

See the closeup of bottles
Every day every week
Wind it up keep it running
Comes to less makes it tease
Closing up in the evening
That's the way every week

Cleaning better what I don't know
Wipe it cheaper het up talk
Old places help it get that way
Cold messages can run away


??? from the bottom
Washing ends from the leek
Coming back to the same chair
Catching cold ill at ease
Close it up in the evening
Won't go round every week

Feed lasts feed lasts
Don't need to know

Calling The House

[The only song that we ever received royalties from because it was played on high rotation for a few weeks at 2JJJ! A turning point in my song writing where lush chords and melody become more important than riffs. Quite beautiful too.]

[Released on EP]

Watch and wanna stay
Pick and step ahead
Call the other name
Scratch another day
Listen to all the others say
“We are not here”

List, stay positive
Bounce the coloured ball
Press the fingertip
Push the metal stand
Listen to all the others say
“We are not here”

Calling the house another name
“We are not here”

Call on the house another day


[Droning synth and mesmeric bass melds into a jumpy chorus that still has a slightly depressing feel. Peter's guitar playing is terrific.]

[Released on EP]

Speaking, saying, meaning nothing
Speaking, saying nothing

And now the worry see the hit, hit waste
The sorry look with intake breathing
Sitting, looking and places to stay
The time to go but then it’s
Letting down, letting down, letting down.

Speaking, saying nothing
Speaking, saying, meaning nothing

No time : the words are cut off without pressure
No time : the words are cut off without thought
Getting angry, lose the feelings written
In a letter when my thoughts were close


[To my mind, one of our best songs. Another tricky time signature, that still seems normal and flowing, underneath too quick scatter-shot vocals which then jumps into an elegaic chorus. The recorded version has great bass/drum interplay. Not played live much because it was too hard to sing.]

[Recorded at 2JJJ session]

Say it right, closer moving to the right
But my lighter's in the way.
Think again, smoke another, still depend
On lighting in the way.
Take a bus, on my mind in a bus
Sicker feeling will not say
Open up, crying silent, see that cup
With that feeling.

Let's see what you might mean
Tell me what you know I can't seem to go.

Take a change, coming closer to a change
But my tears get in the way.
Looking hard a few inches to the part
With wetness still the same.
Speaking soft but the words don't mean enough
When the tearing comes next day.
Scattered lies, make a cup -
Another kind of tearing.

Let's see what you might mean
Tell me what you know I can't seem to go.


[A quite simple but effective later rock song with tight playing by the rhythm section of Peter, Gordon and Lindsay supporting one of our simplest yet snakiest vocal lines.]

[Recorded at last M2 session]

Are those footsteps yours? Is it you?
Are those footsteps yours? In your mind.
Two laughters. Is it you?
Are those footsteps yours? Is it you?

I don't sit and see
That long walk. Shouldn't be at
Home long just to see that
Long walk.

Drop It

[Quite shouty and petulant with an almost melody line in the chorus]

Drop it, See it, Come around
Drop it, See it, Come around
Drop it, See it, Come around
Drop it, See it, Come around

That's what I used to know
I don't have to go
And the way I'm feelin'
I don't want to know
And I used to wonder
And I don't know why
And I used to wonder
I don't have to try

That's what my mother thinks
Would be best for me
When I make her sweat
How can I make her see
That this little boy
Aint the same no more
And I used to wonder
And walk out that door

Fierce Atoms

[Even if Lindsay weren't singing, this would still be an out-of-the-mould Wild West song. Tight, punchy bass and simplistic drums (from me) with drones and fantastic echoed guitar pieces. The singing is great, btw.]

[Recorded at last M2 session]

[Was to have been released on aborted 4 track multi-band EP with The Tame OMearas, Via Veneto and The Goat That Went Om. Finally released on M Squared's "A Sampler" compilation.]

(lyrics : Lindsay OMeara)

Been six plus face down
It never stops
Ridiculed fierce atoms
Isometric cup
Open fist delivers passional
Popular equations
Coddles in a cup

Yesterday my hand
Eaten up
Given up
Riddle slip and slither

You can force it out if you want to.


[Starts off with siren like synth and then turns into
another unmelodic frenetic number - best forgotten, methinks]


[A quite melodic early song with lyrics that are more direct than usual and a lovely bridging section. The strangled-cat cries of 'Wait' should have been less important and insistent.]

[Recorded at last 2JJJ session]

See the face that's in the corner
See the face becoming clear
See the laugh the crease starts bending
Shrug it off don't get too near

Like the clothes crumpled in the corner
Place a hand onto my own
Pick up shirt, pick up pants, pick up nothing
Staying dumb when I mean much more

Now as I wait yesterday
Oh, that wait home to say
What I mean


Locking the mouth, feel the skin
Locking the pores, taste begins
Closing my eyes, walking, think
Locking my arms, feel that link.

New Associations

[A most surprising and depression filled song. The first and last sections are two simple chords with multi-tracked vocals by Rae whilst the middle jumpier sections are filled with a controlled and confronting synth solo!! No drums.]

[Recorded at last M2 session]

(lyrics : Rae Byrom)

Now and then talk to me
See as I see, it could be
Then was now, different ways
It's up to me, a different way

Look down with you
this new, this new, this new, this
Listen to problems
They've got some problems

Now and then talk to me


[A perennial favourite - at least it seems to have been played throughout the whole life-time of the band. A great chord sequence in the verse that is reminiscent of the Velvet Underground and then a much less successful 'other bit'.]

[Recorded at last 2JJJ session]

That newspaper that you were in
That's right keep it down


No Contact
[Another slower songs with guitar picking, a nice bass riff and low bass synth.]


[Quite an avant-guarde start with synth squalls and the lyrics almost recited over a punchy bass line. Moves to a more conventional middle section and then an almost funky third section with some great guitar and bass interplay.]

[Recorded at EP session]

(lyrics : Rae Byrom)

When the piss lands on the cement
When noise runs through your head
Another room it seems to be you
And I respite without anger
Pattern of disease
Stagnant pattern of disease
Anxious desperate
Anxious desperate

She tell me had to run
Told me
That he had to run
Told me
[When the piss lands on the cement]


[Never recorded and I'm not sure why. A very pretty and decisive 'anthem' (Peter remembers it as 'our Stairway to Heaven') with a long finger picked intro and one of our best verse melodies.]

Stay one night in double bed
That cold remains inside my head
Telephone rings to say that
Picnic's on but far away
"We'll pick you up" there were delays
They said please don't mention
Things that don't concern us now
Our friend's actions we will allow
Let's say see you smile at
Picnic time forget the way
Picnic time forget the way

Train trip to them
Quick hungry meal
Sit next to cars
Stand next to wheels


[An almost perfect later song - minor chords, pretty melody, tight, intelligent playing and growling synths. The first song where Lindsay played drums.]

[Recorded at last M2 session]

Why not wait, I went away
Why not wait, I'm waiting yesterday when...
Why not wait, I went away
Why not wait, I'm waiting yesterday when...

Sit up, don't have to wait, don't have to wait
Sit up, don't have to wait, don't have to wait

Seeing the word in the world in the time in the world

Red Sea

[Probably the most successful of the songs where 2-3 sections/riffs are joined together. Quite lovely Faust-like duelling synths throughout.]

[Released on EP]

Hope you don’t mind...

Rain falls in an abyss
No truth, just emptiness
Sharp rain falls on me
The pain goes in an abyss

All I want, I want in the weather...

Your ruthless mind
An open mouth

Noise, it’s a red sea noise
It’s a red sea noise


[Another early number that doesn't quite stand the test of time. Some nice bits but, overall, too many sections sitting uncomfortably next to each other]

Back turned it's all been said before
She's right don't wanna fight(?) no more

Now sleep makes friends
No voice like others

Single winking eye
On my face is the slit

Spikey Mexican

[One of our few instrumentals - this time drum machine driven and with a fairly complicated set of individual parts that melds together quite nicely. Unfortunately it's also a bit forgettable.]

[Recorded at last M2 session]


[A clumsy early song that we got rid of fairly quickly although it did make an appearance at our last concert. It does have some bits that indicate where we'd be more effective later on.]

I won't talk, talk
If when we thought
That was just what
When I try talk

Words worse
Try try
Words worse
Try sigh

See words made clear
See words not clear

That's A Story

[The separate sections of this song are generally quite good but the way they fit together is a bit clunky. Still - it does have some cogent moments especially a complicated loping bass line and a wonderful chord change at the end.]

[Recorded at last 2JJJ session]

Stop, stop, you don't stop
Why don't I
Tell you a story
Let's make a story
Some kind of story
Tell you a story

Wind, rain, wish, rain
Room, rain, tick, rain
Grab you soft, rain
Rain is gone, same

Well that's a story
It's all the same
The words aren;t coming
It's not a game.

Grab you soft, Hold you soft

That's Set

[Our last great slow and minor song with a pretty, high register vocal line and an opposing choral effect that, unfortunately, doesn't quite work.]

[Recorded at last M2 session]

That's set, that's set, what do I know?

Would you like something? Yes?
Would you like something worse?

That's set, that's set
I know I need the pleasure
I'll keep it till I sleep.

That's set, that's set
The same old words keep coming
Unnecessary heat

Would you like something? Yes?
Would you like something worse?

That's set, that's set
No meeting in the doorstep
Won't cry until we meet

That's set, that's set
The other voice is closer
And nearer to the heat

Would you like something? Yes?
Would you like something less?
Would you like something? Yes?
Could you like something worse?

Slow down, work down
Nights are better when they're loose

The One I Know

[A later two parter with sections that shouldn't really be near each other - undefined and under developed.]

This Widening Effect

[A quite terrible song that sounded good originally on multi-tracked synth but which didn't work in the band situation. Most notable for the chorus : "The pouch, the water hurts" - whatever that meant.]


[Another early song that doesn't quite gel. It has the MOST clumsy middle/instrumental section I've ever been involved in. However, this is alleviated on the recorded version, by Peter playing avant-guarde guitar (he must have hated that).]

[Recorded at last 2JJJ session]

(lyrics : Gordon Renouf)

Pleasure of meeting you
We will be seeing more
Convergence of thought it seems
Don't be that emotional
A new venture

??? of argument
Silence or ignorance
Pressure to be like us
Those two don't talk much now
A new venture

Tension of different ways
Hidden by moral codes
Conference worked up for two
Until the no talking starts
A new venture

Guilt - I don't work it out
In silence or pity
Make friends by talking sad
Alcohol silence me
A new venture

We Can Do

[One of our most successful faster songs with a weird time signature and hard, gritty playing. Almost funky as well with a 'parody' of Don't Stop Till You Get Enough at the end.]

[Released on EP]

There’s not much that we can do
There’s not much that can be shut out here
There’s not much that we can do

Shut ‘em out

I’ve spoken to move
We move the mess again
I’ve spoken to move
We’re loose and guess again

Am I supposed to stay?
Am I supposed to choose?
Can I return to faster thinking?
Can I return to faster thinking?

Cover Versions :

A Different Story (Subway Sect) - good but inconsistent
Pa Ubu Dance Party (Pere Ubu) - awful
Lucifer Sam (Pink Floyd) - passable

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