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[ Voigt/465 - "Slights Unspoken" LP Lyrics ]
Voices A Drama

A situation cant take
No, no, no more, please
But when aloneness appears
Feeling of insular pleases
Leaning on stone
Eyes wrought with cracking paint
One pleasure smiles from the pain
One sameness that remains
No more, please

When acute ties of
Isolation are cut
This sense of age with one
Remaining faculties intact
Overwhelms, rises to
Confidence and courage
I look to see what’s mine
Face offers no cavity
No more, please

One faint deluded smile
Preludes the barren patriots
Marching towards enclosures
Of security and unhappiness
Door slamming through lives
Echoing anger round walls
Voices a drama of pretense
Voices a drama of pretense
No more, please.

A Welcome Mystery

A welcome mystery when opposites agree

In order to describe
In rectangles and rings
No simple line for all
Deceptive chemistry
Fingers press the wire
Following a thought
Colour comes from five
Community recall

I think it’s just like singing
A welcome mystery when opposites agree

Our fodder will derive
The sect and other things
A crumpled sign of fall
Receptive history
Linger ‘cept the smile
Hollow of a sort
Humour won’t survive
In fury watch the wall

I think it’s just like singing
A welcome mystery when opposites agree

No perfect link with us
A fake mentality
Motions cause a rhyme
Tracing vague ideas
Multiples of more
Than anything in thought
Can we give solutions
For what is there control?

I think it’s just like singing

Red Lock On See Steal

See that doornail
No-one can easily hammer it
Through to me
Make it or fail
Never stand mother’s teat
Keeping it tasty tea
Did it for nails
That you make easily
Hiding their truth from me
See that door fail
No-one can, mother’s teat
Keeping it through to me
Make it for nails
Never stand easily
Hiding their tasty tea
Did it doornail
That you make easily
Hammer it’s truth from me


Searching only way to
Torture inside my head
I want in-out
Feel right as right
Let me be free
To see you as you are

Feel right as right, let me be to see
Eliminate my physical needs so I can

This is the way as you
To see you as you are
Searching only way to
I want in-out
Eliminate my physical needs
So I can be what I think

This is the way I feel
Silences spoken
No word
Spatial terseness
Come out and tell
Shrinking lines
Evading time signals (one bell)
A grinding sound
You tell me how I feel

Many Risk

I see you but then stand still
We come close and I feel
Something – not on my own
“Shit, I won’t be alone”

Then stand back from this fact
I listen, my mind’s intact
I want love, I want you too
But thinking “I’m not for you”

Worse still I’m nit sure what I mean
How can I begin this scene
Of people as close can be
Emotion : should it be for me

More thinking, it’s holding me back
I’m cautious ‘cause most things I lack
Are clear in my eyes but not yours
We’re different – no craving for more

The fact is, if I’m so unsure
And will be (that’s what these questions are for)
I’ll break up without someone to miss
It should be so easy to kiss

Is New Is

We don’t know what we’re doing
Why can’t I decide?
Confusion reigns it all
Descends on my brain

If this is today
I’d better stand still
We don’t know now what fills
Is a word tomorrow?

Lies from all sides nouveau
Establishment and real clique
You hit each other’s cheeks
Because of the leaders

Let’s shock and outrage
Let’s re-write their pages power
Power – let’s make it worse
Pinnacles the Sunday Mirror

Yes, they’ll do it
They’ll cut off their own brains
Others will do the same
What they’ve made, they’ve made the same

But we wont make a world
That is aimed at itself
What we want is this and inside
Take you and watch is (inside)

We wont force it, no
Strangles or handles around you
This is new, is new, is new
And it depends on you

4 Hours

He’s going, he’s gone

Slight’s in spoken word
How? I don’t know how
Speech? No, broken phrase
Where could we go now?

Calls by telephone
Talking how it was
And how it will be
But we’re not that close

He’s going, he’s gone
So close
To the place where he went
Written up on the wall
So close

He’s someone that I
Could admire if that’s
All I needed to
Keep his image close

He’s gone now : shut away
Written up on the wall :
That phrase
With those eyes
Was that phrase

“So What”


I see you
(I told you so I see you so)


a, e, i, o, u


Winch mind up, winch soul down
Winch boat up, winch boat down

Even rain on cats iron roof
Some sombre sounds through needles of proof (hollow)
Nylon tracksuit treading on lies
Pungent voices destroying lives (highs)
Blankly chewing undigested growth (crush)
Cataracting sights of unseen strength (punch)

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