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Re-mastered at home from a
n excellent quality cassette.

01 Cowboys Are Pt 2
02 Pythagorus
03 God's Buzzsaw
04 Jolly Work
05 Waiting Time
06 Tree Lined Street
07 Lost Control
08 Nonsense
09 [Watching]
10 Why Oh Why Was I Born At All
11 Two Girls For Every Guy
12 Political Jokes
13 Bombadiere
14 [Loungey Instrumental]

This was a fully miked up rehearsal at M-Squared studios, recorded direct to 8 track with rudimentary overdubs and mixing afterwards. It shows the band on the cusp between their initial inner city electro-pop phase and their 2nd glam-pop version. Some of the older tracks sound tired and care-worn whilst the more recent material sounds half-formed (and, in the case of 'Political Jokes', half baked). But the performances are uniformly good and recording quality is excellent. I may have heard too much Ya Ya material in the recent months to make any further judgement - I'll leave that till later. However, it's still an important recording for many reasons. 

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