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Remastered at home from poor quality cassette.

01 Moto 04:07
02 [Unknown] 04:01
03 Fucking A Machine 07:20
04 Blurs 04:38
05 1-2-3 (Error) 01:33
06 200 Rind 05:10
07 Clipless Knights Fascination (dropouts) 03:32
08 Live Fascination 05:24
09 Win-Lose 07:50

This is from a cassette (titled simply 'WONDERFULL') given to Tim by Lindsay soon after he moved to Melbourne to join Crime and the City Solution. As far as I know this is the only copy and, as such, was worthwile to digitise. 

All the tracks sound OK, if a bit muffled in the vocals and lacking any real depth of sound (another condenser mic recording job). Probably the practise sessions are a little more interesting with concise versions of tracks that they'd either just recorded or were about to record in the studio. Of even more interest are the rest which are 'unknown' songs (to me at least). They WERE a fine band, propelled largely by the concise drumming but augmented by terrific electronics. 

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