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Re-mastered at home from a poor quality cassette.

01 State
02 The Great Pretender
03 Many Risk
04 It's A Rainy Day
05 And The Following Page
06 Insults (jumps in middle)
07 A Secret West
08 Connection (cuts off)
09 Remake Remodel
10 Red Lock On Sea Steel
11 A Welcome Mystery
12 Imprint
13 Is New Is (cuts out)
14 P
15 Winchsoul
16 Voices A Drama
17 F6 (and goodbyes)

Recorded via mike and sound-board, it sounds pretty good but the performances are almost always ordinairy except for the free form songs where we really go for it. The in between song patter is uniformly weird : Rae tries her hardest to be happy whilst I go all sulky. Lindsay and Mark try to sell the N-Lettes cassettes at the end, which I'd forgotten about... oh, the wounds, how slowly they heal... and so on! Really, this is only for the band's edification.

Re-Issues Main Menu

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