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VOIGT/465 - KIRK GALLERY 19/05/1979

Re-mastered at home from a
n excellent quality cassette.

01 A Welcome Mystery
02 State
03 Voices A Drama
04 Remake - Remodel
05 4 Hours Practise
06 F1 (plus broken string talk)
07 Insults (plus sexy legs talk)
08 It's A Rainy Day
09 Great Pretender
10 P
11 A Secret West
12 Red Lock On Sea Steel
13 Connection
14 Imprint
15 Winchsoul
16 Is New Is (and long goodbye)

This was always remembered by the band as one of the high points in our live performances, probably just because we got an excellent response from the crowd. Tim V once said that he could see sparks flying through the air during our version of Remake / Remodel! In any case, it's obvious that we're enjoying ourselves even if some of the songs are sloppily played. It's a professional recording by 2JJ using the ABC's mobile truck and was initially destined to be used on the radio somewhere, somehow but, as it turned out, it was never played. At the gig we were supported by Tactics and headlined by The Thought Criminals. During the set-up of the instruments I managed to spill an urn of hot (not boiling) water all over my legs, scalding them somewhat and I couldn't play with my pants on. So, that's why there's talk of me feeling silly with a scarf around my legs and so on. Best moments - Winchsoul is intense and well played and Connection (which we dropped from live shows after this) is almost perfect, tight and punky and with only one small out of kilter section to mar it in any way.

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