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VOIGT/465 - LIVE AT GARIBALDI'S 21/04/1979

Re-mastered at home from a very poor quality cassette.

01 Winchsoul
02 Insults
03 A Welcome Mystery
04 Red Lock On See Steal
05 Uwe
06 Voices A Drama
07 Remake/Remodel
08 Is New Is
09 4 Hours
10 Imprint
11 F6

This is mid period Voigt, probably at our best and worst - we only had about 2 months left before it fell apart completely. This is from the gig with N-Lets and SPK in support, organised by the now famous flat mate Ken West and recorded fairly well by him (he did the mixing too). Pity the source tape was crunched up in parts but it's EQ'd fairly nicely in the main. It's definitely a better band performance although there's some horrible mistakes all over it. To be honest, we always made mistakes like this. This gig was also a watershed in that we started arguing soon after about what type of music we should play. Oh No! Musical differences! There's a couple more songs here that most won't have heard. Insults could have been good except that it sounded too childish in the 1st section and we dropped it. Uwe was a bit silly, really but F6 is pretty good. This is the full concert (except for the long minutes of  tuning up) so I suppose our shrieking fitted in nicely with the other noise-nicks on the bill.

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