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Re-mastered at home from poor quality cassette.

01 And The Following Page
02 I Wanna Be Your Dog
03 The Great Pretender
04 Wax And Ash
05 Is New Is
06 Interstellar Overdrive
07 Lady Godiva's Operation
08 Old Endicott Building
09 Bright
10 Red Lock (and audience participation)
11 Lola Stretched And Pulled
12 State
13 A Secret West

Apart from a weird communal thing at Liverpool and a self financed performance at a derelict building, this was the first real gig that Voigt/465 actually did. The cassette contains the 'highlights' as edited by Peter including the fantastically bad audience reaction to Red Lock : cider glass thrown - "we're not hippies" - "yes, you are" and so on. The sound quality isn't as bad as I first thought with Lindsay's great bass playing throughout but it is remastered from a 3rd generation dub, after all. Lots of those early krautrock / space-jam instrumentals and heaps of cover versions - Lady Godiva is actually quite good.

Re-Issues Main Menu

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