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Re-mastered at home from good quality cassettes (2 cds).

Disk 1
01-05 No Night Sweats
06-10 Brrr Cold
11-13 A Splendid Mess

Disk 2
01-03 Instant Unit
04-09 No-V-Bleet
10-15 Hope Is A New Coat

Michael Tee organised a series of Tinkily-Bonk balls at the St Peter's Parish Hall (just around the corner from M-Squared studios) with the blessing of the rather hip priest. They were a chance for bands to play away from the often annoying drunken shit-pools that pubs and clubs always turned out to be and highlighted lesser know and one-off bands more than the more well known bunch. Of course, everyone started using it after that because it was cheap, it was local and it was self-financed.

This is, I think, the first night and it roams through our little experimental rock scene like a mouse in the eaves. No Night Sweats sing pretty well. I remember that we were both very nervous and, afterwards someone compared me to the lead singer from Duran Duran! Brrr Cold were alternatively over the top and stunning - the 2nd track rollicks along with a difficult jazz swing. A Splendid Mess were slightly anarchic and seemingly mostly improvised. Instant Unit (including Michael Filewood from Systematics) were heavier than a duo were expected to be - they make a mistake on their last song and so do it all over again. No-V-Bleet seemed caught up in the noisier aspects of the night as well with lots of feedback and fuzz eventually calming down to their more normal, elegant muse. Hope Is A New Coat ended the evening in disarray but at least 2 of the songs here that sound just marvellous - vital and energetic: better than the studio recordings by far.

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