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Feel Presents / Festival Mushroom

A 2 cd compilation of Australian singles (A sides?) that highlights (in the main) the more hard rock influenced bands. Starting with glorious tracks from Radio Birdman, The Saints and The Psycho Surgeons and finishing off with some of their more turgid progenies (I really did dislike a lot of the music made in the late 80s).

Along the way there's tracks by bands mentioned at this site : Tactics "Standing By The Window" sounds much better than my scratchy 'remaster'; (Makers Of) The Dead Travel Fast's "Tael Of A Saeghors" is as beautifull as ever and, finally, the first re-issues of Sekret Sekret's "New King Jack" and Pel Mel's "No Word From China". Why Pel Mel weren't included on the "Can't Stop It" compilation is still a strange thing (unless they knew that they were going to be on this comp?)

Some strange omissions - both Seems Twice and The Thought Criminals would have fitted in very well although "Non-Pluseed" is an EP (but it's only 5 mins long in total). And since it's been released through FMR, you'd have to imagine that CEO (or whatever) Roger Grierson still plans to re-release all of the Thoughties material soon - won't hold my breath.

But, overall, this really is a great wide ranging selection covering a huge time span in Australian music, compiled with care and love by Tim Pittman. 

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