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Remastered at home from good quality cassette.

01. Song 1 03:47
02. Break 1 02:41
03. Song 2 02:08
04. Break 2 01:56
05. Song 3 02:24
06. Break 3 01:18
07. Song 4 05:48

I've put a pic of David Virgin on the cover simply because I can't find any pics of SPK themselves (even if he does't actually play on this). 

This was recorded by Ken West as he mixed the band (it's the same night as the Voigt/465 at Garibaldis cd-r) and the sound quality is pretty good. There are only 4 songs with 3 lengthy breaks in between them where synths were patched, etc. 

When they actually play it's surprisingly good, better than I'd remembered from the night. But, then, we'd had arguments with them and that probably stilted my judgement. All the material is from the early singles/EPs and so the rock element is high with Danny Rumour's guitar as explosive as ever.

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