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Collected solo recordings made at home on 4 track and cassette recorders. All were remastered at home from good quality cassettes.

from “Aussies Are Better Than Gerrys At This Sort Of Thing”
01 Introducing Oz Rock
02 Moaning
03 Tinkly Boops
04 The Rail Yard
06 A Fake Paradiddle
07 Come To Attention
08 Groaning
09 This Widening Effect
10 Not Oz Rock
11 Scratchy Walls

from “I, Turnbull”
12 The Buzzword
13 Ooo Errr Noisy
14 We Can Do *
15 Fairy Floss
16 Choo Choo
17 Momentous
18 Crash A Doo Bee
19 Yes You Can
20 Cloven
21 Perfectly Special
22 Outside An Alley **

both cassettes were originally ‘released’ by 2-Tapes : thanks Tim
* We Can Do was later re-jigged by Wild West
** Outside An Alley was done again by No Night Sweats

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