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Re-mastered at home from quality cassette.

Unknown Venue 1981

01 Deep Lover
02 Hope You Can
03 Big Time Friend
04 King For A Day
05 Puppet Love
06 Watching The Show
07 Does It Feel The Same
08 Another Side To Love
09 You
10 Jacqueline Secret
11 Charity
12 Nothing Said
13 Read It In A Book
14 I See You Can I Love You
15 Love And Kisses

This recording came from Peter's little collection of things. It's an excellent quality soundboard recording - maybe the vocals are too far up in the mix but it sounds great anyway. As always they played fantastically and their professionalism shows through with the miniscule gaps between songs (unlike almost everyone else who fiddled with synth patches interminably). Overall, it's a great find - my favourite track is 'Watching The Show' (if that's what it's actually called).

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