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01. [I Do Believe It's You] 03:21
02. The Craft 03:02
03. Chimes 05:05
04. Here She Comes Now 02:57
05. Boy Of Love 03:30
06. Give It Up 04:11
07. Girl With The White Stick 03:50
08. Lucifer Sam 02:48
09. Just To Love You 02:41
10. White Light White Heat 04:31
11. Nudge 04:58

This is a later period Sekret Sekret gig probably only a year away from their demise. They play well but seem a bit tired of it all and the set list contains none of their earlier, more psychedelic songs. (Although they do perform a version of Pink Floyd's Lucifer Sam : when Sekret  first saw Wild West live David came up after the gig and commented on the fabulous original we played - which turned out to be this very cover version! Ah, callow youth). The audience is completely subdued as well - it must have been disheartening to be playing to sparely packed halls 4 years after you started.

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