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Collected studio recordings

All professionally remastered at Studios 301 by David MacQuarie from average to good quality cassette tapes.

01 We Can Do
02 Calling the House
03 Red Sea
04 Chinchilla
05 Pelican
06 Bottle
07 Locking
08 Coast
09 That's a Story
10 Newspaper
11 Venture
12 Spikey Mexican
13 Psycho
14 That's Set
15 Bobbies
16 Bagworm Rhumba
17 New Associations
18 Fierce Atoms
19 Dissappear

20 We Can Do - Live @ Governor's Pleasure 1981

Tracks 01-06 were the first session at M-Squared with 01-04 being released as the EP and 06, I think, being released on the "A Selection" compilation.

Tracks 07-11 were recorded at 2JJJ studios.

The other studio tracks were from the last M-Squared sessions and all remain unreleased. There are a few more on Aus Arch 7.

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