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Chapter Music - CH47 - December 2004

01 i can tell
02 do the icepick
03 signals
04 stains
05 mud in my eye
06 beat goes on
07 lullaby
08 do that dance
09 i can't stop it
10 bake in the sun
11 shout

bonus tracks
12 sec sec sickle
13 all i get is a girl
14 nothing
15 glitter kids
16 casualty ward
17 i want to live
+ video of "i can't stop it"

Still as excoriating as I'd half remembered. They were always a band I found difficult to love but whom I could admire very easily. The main thing I can hear in these tracks which I seemed to miss at the time is the shuffling drum machine momentum - no-one else in the world combined noisy attack with a whole band using that rhythm. One quibble - why isn't the studio recorded 7" single on here as well?

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