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PEL MEL - LIVE 1980 & 1981

Re-mastered at home from reasonable to good quality cassettes.

Unknown venue 1980? the original line-up with Jane? 
Excellent soundboard recording

01 Frightened
02 Operator Doublecross
03 Judge and Jury
04 Snakes and Ladders
05 U-235
06 Tin Man
07 The Dance Is On
08 10-15 Saturday Night
09 The Same World
10 When The Siren Sounds
11 The Visitor
12 She's Lost Control
13 Ipanema Mon Amour
14 Diplomacy 

Governors Pleasure 1981 - 3rd lineup with Craig ?
Excellent in-crowd recording by Tim V.

15 Click Clack
16 Crossfire
17 Instrumental
18 Vision of Life
19 Treadmill
20 Blood Will Show
21 Space Between Walls
22 Love and War
23 System and Ultimatum

I was never very sure at the time what these songs were actually called. So, until corrected, these made up names will have to suffice.

The first recording made me understand again why I liked the band so much in the early days. Lots of Joy Division / Cure / Wire influences but with a dash of repetitive keyboard and guitar elements / interplays that make up their own sound.

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