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Pel Mel 
01. Used To (Wire)
02. Strange (Wire)
03. No Fun For Sid (Orig)
04. Identity (X-Ray Spex)
05. 20th Century (Orig)
06. Ticket To Ride (Beatles)
07. People Traps (Orig)
08. ESP (Buzzcocks)
09. Lets Go (?)
10. Champs (Wire)
11. Garageland (Clash)
The Limp 
12. Helen Forsdale (Mars?)
13. Born To Radiate (Orig)
14. Do The Limp (Orig)
15. Miss Pat (Orig)
16. Humans Beware (Orig)
17. 3E (Mars?)
Pel Mel 
18. Heartbeat (Wire)
19. Fuck The Beggar (Orig)
20. Son Of Sam (Orig)
21. Live With You (Orig)

GIG 2 
The Limp 
01. Born To Radiate (Orig)
02. Do The Limp (Orig)
03. Miss Pat (Orig)
04. Helen Forsdale (Mars?)
05. D.O.A. (Teenage Jesus?)
Pel Mel 
06. We Are Robots (?)
07. Live With You (Orig)
08. People Trap (Orig)
09. Son Of Sam (Orig)
10. Jump Like Mad (?)
11. TV (Orig)
12. Judy Is A Punk (Ramones)
13. Frightened (Fall)
14. Stepping Stone (Monkees)
15. 1970 (Stooges)
16. Fuck The Beggar (Orig)
17. Life Stinks (Pere Ubu)

Pel Mel 
Graeme Dunne - Guitar/Vox
Glenn Hill - Bass/Vox (05 06)
Jane McGee - Guitar
Dave Weston - Drums
Nigel Savage - Sax
Judy McGee - Sax

The Limp
Judy McGee - Sax/Vocals
Tim McGee - Guitar
Jane McGee - Guitar
David Whittaker - Guitar
Dave Weston - Drums
Geoff Nichols - Tapes

All remastered at home from poor to good quality cassettes.
(all thanks to David Whittaker for this one)

These are very early live recordings of the two bands from just before they came down to Sydney and made our days. The performances are variable and the cassette recordings were weird and, in most cases, beyond my engineering skills. But there's an obvious love of playing throughout. Pel Mel are a bit more party time, playing lots of covers and with Judy singing not a note. And the addition of the other sax player makes the sound quite different to what we experienced in Darlinghurst and Surry Hills. The Limp are much more anarchic and noisy than they were later. Judy sings for this band and sound just like Poly Styrene. The obvious UK punk scouse vowels abound. The 2nd Pel Mel performance is harsh and fuzzed up. Great stuff all round.

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