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Seems like a distributor in the US has most of the copies of this release:

However, they don't do retail so let your favourite retailer do the work for you.
Missing Link definitely handle it.

Apparently, Stickfigure have it as well

Radio One - radio10CD

01 State
02 A Secret West
03 P
04 A Welcome Mystery (instrumental)
05 Red Lock on See Steal
06 Voices A Drama
07 A Welcome Mystery
08 Red Lock on See Steal
09 Imprint
10 Many Risk
11 Is New Is
12 4 Hours
13 P
14 F1
15 Winchsoul
16 And The Following Page
17 So Long As One Knows
18 A Welcome Mystery

01-02 was the single
06-15 was the album
03-05 & 18 are the tracks recorded at 2JJ
16-17 are extra tracks from the single session

The sound quality's good and the packaging is excellent but I dislike the running order that we picked - different versions of songs too close to each other and the instrumental version of ...Mystery before the version with vocals. Distribution has been a problem and the label folded and who the hell knows where you can buy it from now.

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