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Re-mastered at home from poor
quality cassettes.

Live To Air 2SER : Sydney University Open Day 14/07/1984
01 [intro]
03 Two Unbidden Cups
04 [releases]
05 Harry Wong's Cat
06 When Was Jesus Born
07 [special guests]
08 Look Within Upon Everything

Last Performance : Hip Hop Club October 1984
09 A Sweaty XMas
10 Revolution
11 Green Tea
12 Nights In A Glass
13 Harry Wong's Cat
14 My Little Laugh Till It Hurts Babies
15 Two Unbidden Cups
16 Man From El Paso
17 The Road To Gundegai
18 When Was Jesus Born
19 The Drowning Man
20 Salad Days
21 The Cedar Bench
22 S-s-s-single Bed
23 Green Tea
25 Who's Gonna Help Me Now
26 When Was Jesus Born
27 OK Fascist Get Outta My Way

These tapes really pushed the limits of my 'skills' in sound engineering and the results aren't all that good but, as an archival resource they're fine. The 2SER cassette has some weird radio enhanced ring modulation on the high end whilst the one from the Hip Hop Club has awful muddy sound and a creaky left channel (that I excluded from the final cd-r).

In any case, it's probably better to listen to the studio efforts as these don't have off notes (and the backings are mostly the same anyway - except for 'Nights in a Glass' which has a cute synth line up high at the end). But then you'd miss out on all the sparkling 'tween song repartee... and you wouldn't want that. You'd also miss out on the later Patrick written songs like "When was Jesus Born" - a New Zealand gospel track; "Look Within Upon Everything" - the finale of the weirdly nice radio play we completed during 1984; "Revolution" - a heavy metal monster with Michael Filewood on guitar and a bluesy reframe; "The Drowning Man" - with the faux pedal steel and, most importantly, the over-the-top, grand Guignol goodbye to NNS that is "OK Fascist" (oh, and not forgetting the paraphrase of 'hey, DJ won't you play that song, keep me dancing all night long' within the 2nd version of 'Green Tea'). But I'm not recommending it, really.

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