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Remastered at home from good quality cassettes.

Use No Hooks - Trade Union Club May 81 
01. Who Took My Boy 04:40
02. Instrumental 04:03
03. But You Smile 05:56
04. It's All Of Me 03:27
05. Spacey Instrumental 07:32
06. Heard It Through The Grapevine 05:27
07. Ew Oh A-Ho Ha 04:43
08. Pesto Blues 04:37

Human Backs - Demo Jan 82
09. Termination 04:12
10. Kettle Of Fish 03:06
11. Beach Baby 03:21
12. Obscuring Desire 03:11

Incredibly Strange Creatures - Demo @ Dresden Sound 80?
13. White Tiles 03:58
14. [Unknown] 10:26
15. Still Waiting 03:20
16. [Unknown] 02:41
17. [Unknown] 02:53

Unfortunately, this collects the small amount of stuff I could salvage from Tim's collection of Melbourne band cassettes. I tried my hardest with the Little Bands' cassettes but the cassette quality was just too poor. 

The Use No Hooks is their first performance in Sydney with the full 8(?) piece band and with Kathy wailing away at the front. They made a huge impression on us all. 

The Human Backs are a band I know nothing about. On the cassette label it says to contact Mal or Rowland (who I imagine is the Boys Next Door person). They sound quite like the Primitive Calculators.

The Incredibly Strange Creatures is in a similar vein but not played so well and seems to be a bit more 'jam' based than actual songs.

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